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Looking For A Tee Time?

How do purchases through Golf18 work?

When you book a tee time through Golf18, the course receives an immediate confirmation of your purchase. You will also receive an email confirmation. Simply print out your email confirmation and bring it to the course.

I did not receive my confirmation email. What should I do?

If you did not receive your email confirmation, first check any spam or junk mail folders in your email software to see if the confirmation was delivered there. If the email is not there, email or call us and we can send you the confirmation letter again. We can send the confirmation to a different email address if necessary.

I wanted to order a tee time but it has disappeared.

If the tee time you wanted has disappeared, this means that someone has purchased it. Sometimes our best deals move very quickly!

The tee time I want is only allowing one, two, or three players, instead of four.

If a tee time is listing fewer than four players for purchase, this means that someone else has already made a purchase for that time, but they did not purchase a full foursome. In these instances, the remaining rounds are still for sale.

Why do some of the tee times require payment online, where other tee times require payment at the course?

Golf18Network strives to provide the best last-minute tee time deals on the Internet, so the very best deals we offer require online payment. This allows us to provide you the best deals we can find as quickly as possible.

How far in advance do you offer tee times?

So that we may stay on top of prices and demand, we offer tee times no more than 14 days in advance.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are available for booking errors, so long as you call us at (800) 994-0661 within 4 hours of your booking and confirm with a live phone agent at Golf18 Network. Otherwise, tee times are non-refundable and non-cancelable unless the course is not allowing play due to weather. When purchasing a tee time where money is due at the course, not showing up may result in your credit card being charged.

If a course is not allowing play due to weather, contact us before your scheduled tee time for a credit towards a future purchase. We will confirm with the course that they were not allowing play at your tee time and process the credit within 2 business days.

Do you charge a booking fee? Is this fee refundable?

Many but not all of our tee times will include a booking fee. In the event of a weather cancellation, contact us before your scheduled tee time to have the booking fee credited towards a future purchase.

Do you charge a sales tax?

A handful of our tee times do charge sales tax. However, the vast majority do not.